When Ellie starts a YouTube channel to make money for her dog's surgery, she gains followers, including a talent agent who hints he might want to sign her as a client.

In REACHING FOR STARLIGHT, twelve-year-old Sam Peterson’s dreaded summer away from home turns into an adventure with an unexpected friend. There are all-you-can-eat donuts at her uncle’s bakery, a trunk steeped with her great-grandmother’s diaries, and an attic scavenger hunt with clues pointing to an antique violin. If Sam can find the valuable instrument, she might be able to pay for an experimental drug to cure her mom’s cancer.

Stefanie Wass

Eleven-year-old Bella will do anything to save the sea turtles that nest near her grandparents’ Florida beach house. The loggerhead hatchlings are a lot like Bella—tiny, vulnerable, and in need of someone who cares.

Middle Grade Fiction: