Stefanie Wass


Sam has landed her dream job—pianist at her aunt’s church. But her mom’s cancer is back and Sam’s fingers feel as sticky as the donuts at her aunt’s bakery. Worst of all, Sam is halfway across the country while her mom undergoes treatment.

n order to get a recommendation to a prestigious arts school for seventh grade, Sam needs to nail the church gig. But she bombs the first two services and is ready to give up when she meets Riley, a girl who writes poetry at the donut shop. Sam’s desperate for a friend—especially a tadpole-catching, treehouse-dwelling friend whose sleepy mama might have an illness of her own.

Together, through poetry, music, and a crazy cow escapade, the girls hold each other up. When Sam finally returns home for the arts school audition, she must face the gravity of her mother’s illness, claim the grit and perseverance she’s gained, and fight for her musical dreams.

Middle Grade Fiction


Twelve-year-old Mia is excited to escape her anxious, overprotective mother and spend a week with her grandmother on Mackinac Island, Michigan. 

Charlie, a lifelong islander, dreads tourist season. She’s stuck grooming horses, mucking manure, and helping her grandpa manage his carriage business on the car-free island. 

When thefts, power outages, ice cold showers, and mysterious, neon yellow pool water are linked to ghost sightings at the Grand Hotel, the girls are united in a quest to save Charlie’s family carriage business and Mia’s vacation. With the help of the Ghost Tracker Pro app, the girls sneak around the hotel and discover clues pointing to a motherly spirit returning in search of her daughter. As they work to solve the mystery, Mia and Charlie find the courage to ask hard questions of their own mothers—questions with answers that may prove harder to face than the hotel’s angry ghost.